DevTools 2.33.0 release notes

The 2.33.0 release of the Dart and Flutter DevTools includes the following changes among other general improvements. To learn more about DevTools, check out the DevTools overview.

General updates

  • Improved overall usability by making the DevTools UI more dense. This significantly improves the user experience when using DevTools embedded in an IDE. - #7030
  • Removed the "Dense mode" setting. - #7086
  • Added support for filtering with regular expressions in the Logging, Network, and CPU profiler pages. - #7027
  • Add a DevTools server interaction for getting the DTD URI. - #7054, #7164
  • Enabled expression evaluation with scope for the web, allowing evaluation of inspected widgets. - #7144
  • Update package:vm_service constraint to ^14.0.0. - #6953
  • Onboarding DevTools to package:unified_analytics for unified telemetry logging across Flutter and Dart tooling. - #7084

Debugger updates

  • Fixed off by one error causing profiler hits to be rendered on the wrong lines. - #7178
  • Improved contrast of line numbers when displaying code coverage hits in dark mode. - #7178
  • Improved contrast of profiling details when displaying profiler hits in dark mode. - #7178
  • Fixed syntax highlighting for comments when the source file uses \r\n line endings #7190
  • Re-establish breakpoints after a hot-restart. - #7205

VS Code Sidebar updates

  • Do not show DevTools release notes in the Flutter sidebar. - #7166

DevTools Extension updates

  • Added support for connecting to the Dart Tooling Daemon from the simulated DevTools environment. - #7133
  • Added help buttons to the VM Service and DTD connection text fields in the simulated DevTools environment. - #7133
  • Fixed an issue with not detecting extensions for test files in subdirectories. - #7174
  • Added an example of creating an extension for a pure Dart package. - #7196
  • Updated the and example/ with more complete documentation. - #7237, #7261
  • Added a devtools_extensions validate command to validate extension requirements during development. - #7257

Full commit history


To find a complete list of changes in this release, check out the DevTools git log.