Flutter 相关书籍

这里收集了关于 Flutter 的书籍,按照字母顺序排列。如果你发现其他我们应该添加的书籍,你可以 提出 issue 并且(可选)提交 PR,以便添加书籍。

同时,你需要确认书籍撰写时基于的 Flutter 版本。 Flutter 3.10 / Dart 3(2023年5月)之前发布的任何内容都不会体现 Dart 最新版本的新特性,也有可能不包括空安全; Flutter 3.16(2023年11月)之前发布的任何内容都不会体现 Flutter 当前默认的 Material 3 主题。你可以在 Flutter 最新发布页面看到 版本更新内容


Beginning App Development with Flutter

by Rap Payne

Easy to understand starter book. Currently the best-selling and highest rated Flutter book on Amazon.

Beginning Flutter: A Hands On Guide to App Development

by Marco L. Napoli

Build your first app in Flutter - no experience necessary.

Flutter Apps Development: Build Cross-Platform Flutter Apps with Trust

by Mouaz M. Al-Shahmeh

This book teaches what you need to know to build your first Flutter app. You will learn about the basics of Flutter (widgets, state management, and navigation), as well as how to build a variety of different app types (games, social media apps, and e-commerce apps). By the end of this book, you will be able to build beautiful, high-performance mobile apps using Flutter.

Flutter Apprentice

by Michael Katz, Kevin David Moore, Vincent Ngo, and Vincenzo Guzzi

Build for both iOS and Android With Flutter! With Flutter and Flutter Apprentice, you can achieve the dream of building fast applications, faster.

Flutter Complete Reference 2.0

by Alberto Miola

The book's first eight chapters are dedicated to Dart 3.0 and all its features. Over 500 pages are about the Flutter framework: widgets basics, state management, animations, navigation, and more.

Flutter: Développez vos applications mobiles multiplateformes avec Dart

by Julien Trillard

Ce livre sur Flutter s'adresse aux développeurs, initiés comme plus aguerris, qui souhaitent disposer des connaissances nécessaires pour créer de A à Z des applications mobiles multiplateformes avec le framework de Google

Flutter for Beginners

by Thomas Bailey, and Alessandro Biessek

An introductory guide to building cross-platform mobile applications with Flutter 2.5 and Dart.

Flutter in Action

by Eric Windmill

Flutter in Action teaches you to build professional-quality mobile applications using the Flutter SDK and the Dart programming language.

Flutter Libraries We Love

by Codemagic

"Flutter libraries We Love" focuses on 11 different categories of Flutter libraries. Each category lists available libraries as well as a highlighted library that is covered in more detail – including pros and cons, developer's perspective, and real-life code examples. The code snippets of all 11 highlighted libraries support Flutter 2 with sound null safety.

Flutter Succinctly

by Ed Freitas

App UI in Flutter-from Zero to Hero.

Google Flutter Mobile Development Quick Start Guide

by Prajyot Mainkar, and Salvatore Girodano

A fast-paced guide to get you started with cross-platform mobile application development with Google Flutter

Learn Google Flutter Fast

by Mark Clow

Learn Google Flutter by example. Over 65 example mini-apps.

Managing State in Flutter Pragmatically

by Waleed Arshad

Explore popular state management techniques in Flutter.

Practical Flutter

by Frank Zammetti

Improve your Mobile Development with Google's latest open source SDK.

Pragmatic Flutter

by Priyanka Tyagi

Building Cross-Platform Mobile Apps for Android, iOS, Web & Desktop

Programming Flutter

by Carmine Zaccagnino

Native, Cross-Platform Apps the Easy Way. Doesn't require previous Dart knowledge.

Flutter Architectures

by Atul Vashisht

Write code with a good architecture