DevTools 2.20.0 release notes

The 2.20.0 release of the Dart and Flutter DevTools includes the following changes among other general improvements. To learn more about DevTools, check out the DevTools overview.

CPU profiler updates

  • Add support for grouping samples by tag - #4693

    samples by tag

  • Enable guidelines for tree view - #4722


  • Rename "Profile granularity" to "CPU sampling rate" and move down to the area it relates to - #4803

    sampling rate

Memory updates

  • Retire the Analysis tab - #4714

  • Add a new tab, Diff, to enable memory leak detection and troubleshooting by comparing heap snapshots, providing insights about the number of instances, shallow size, retained size, and retaining paths - #4714


Debugger updates

  • Support for inspecting more types of instances in the variables viewer (Expandos, Types, TypeArguments, Parameters, Closures + closure Contexts, WeakProperty, Function, FunctionType, ReceivePort, Closure, RegExp) - #4760

  • Add support for displaying coverage in CodeView - #4700


Network updates

  • Display request data if content type is not json (thanks to @leungpuikuen!) - #4602

Full commit history


To find a complete list of changes since the previous release, check out the diff on GitHub.