DevTools 2.14.0 release notes

The 2.14.0 release of the Dart and Flutter DevTools includes the following changes among other general improvements. To learn more about DevTools, check out the DevTools overview.

General updates


Network updates

  • Added "Copy as URL" and "Copy as cURL" actions for selected requests in the network profiler (special thanks to @jankuss!) - #4113


Flutter inspector updates

  • Added a setting to control whether hovering over a widget in the inspector displays its properties and values in a hover card - #4090

Debugger updates

  • Added auto complete suggestions in the console (special thanks to @jankuss!) - #4062


  • Added the option to copy the full file path for a selected library - #4147

  • Fixed formatting in the debugger exception menu - #4066

Memory updates

  • Fixed formatting for memory values in the heap tree view - #4153
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing GC events from showing up in the memory chart - #4131

Performance updates

  • Warn users that the rendering layer toggles in the "More Debugging Options" menu are not available for profile mode apps - #4075

Full commit history


To find a complete list of changes since the previous release, check out the diff on GitHub.