Run DevTools from VS Code

Add the VS Code extensions


To use the DevTools from VS Code, you need the Dart extension. If you're debugging Flutter applications, you should also install the Flutter extension.

Start an application to debug


Start a debug session for your application by opening the root folder of your project (the one containing pubspec.yaml) in VS Code and clicking Run > Start Debugging (F5).

Launch DevTools


Once the debug session is active and the application has started, the Open DevTools commands become available in the VS Code command palette (F1):

Screenshot showing Open DevTools commands

The chosen tool will be opened embedded inside VS Code.

Screenshot showing DevTools embedded in VS Code

You can choose to have DevTools always opened in a browser with the dart.embedDevTools setting, and control whether it opens as a full window or in a new column next to your current editor with the dart.devToolsLocation setting.

A full list of Dart/Flutter settings are available on or in the VS Code settings editor. Some recommendation settings for Dart/Flutter in VS Code can also be found on

You can also see whether DevTools is running and launch it in a browser from the language status area (the {} icon next to Dart in the status bar).

Screenshot showing DevTools in the VS Code language status area